Top Reasons To Choose A Cross Trainer For Your Workouts

jtx_strider_x7_magnetic_cross_trainer-300x300A cross-trainer is a familiar piece of equipment to anyone who has been a member of a gym. It is placed in the cardio section of the gym consisting of two long handles and foot pedals. This equipment has been made to mimic the movement experienced while walking, running as well as climbing stairs. It offers a complete and effective body work out for anybody trying to lose weight or stay fit. You can find more information regarding different types of cross trainer equipment at There are several benefits of using elliptical cross-trainer equipment according to Some of these health benefits are outlined below:

Increase Weight Loss
The weight loss caused due to regular use of a cross trainer machine has been evident with its growing popularity. Though there are several other machines in the market that might help achieve the same target, the major advantage that a cross trainer has over them is the fact that it seems easier to use by engaging larger groups of muscles to workout, thereby being more effective to lose weight. The exact number of calories during a workout session on the cross trainer depends on other factors as well including age, gender, and current fitness level.

Easier on your Joints
One of the major advantages of choosing a cross trainer for working out is the lesser strain it causes your joints compared to the other machines. A workout on a cross trainer is considered to be more impact free than a treadmill according to the experts. This makes it more popular among people who are suffering from joint pain, especially in the knee and hip area.

Complete Body Workout
There are several types of equipment in the market for losing weight. Unfortunately, most of them target only a specific part of your body at any given time. Whereas a cross trainer gives the complete body a workout, targeting your entire body in addition to the problem areas. Holding on to the handles of the cross trainer and doing a simple pushing and pulling movement causes the muscles in your entire upper body to work out and the foot pedals target your lower body muscles. The core muscles get a workout as you let go of the handles since you require your abdominal muscles to stay balanced on the machine.

Different levels of Intensity
Most of the people who are working out for the first time are worried about taking on too much than they can handle. This concern can be faced with the help of adjusting the intensity levels on the cross trainer equipment. It gives the user the freedom to choose between a brisk walk or a run or an intensive stair climbing workout. As the user’s fitness level improves, they can increase the intensity of their sessions thereby increasing their weight loss as well.

Prevents Injuries
The cross trainer has been designed to prevent injuries in addition to being one of the safest machines found in a gym. Most injuries in a gym occur as people fall off the equipment while exercising. This is not a possibility while using a cross trainer machine due to the safety measures built into it.

Cross trainer machines have been one of the most popular equipment that most people are buying to us in their home gym due to the benefits listed above as well as its ease of use. They are relatively inexpensive as well, making staying healthy an easy option.

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