Eisenberg V8 Motorcycle from the MADMAX Team at Maxicorp Autosports

Zef Eisenberg who runs Maxicorp Autosports on the isle of Guernsey has been assembling a few extremely high performance, outside the carton machines. Their turbine motorcycle is remarkable, to say the least, but how about a fine small V8 designed particularly for bikes? Certainly, why not?
He favored a flatplane crank, which gets rid of the rumble a lot people connect with your typical automotive smallblock, and replaces it with a simple whine until the revs climb and it starts to cry, but, based on Zef, in addition, it empowers a lighter and less bulky engine layout. After four years of problem solving and testing, they’ve it out of the store and into the motorcycle. It is fitted with eight separate throttle bodies with a compact six speed transmission as well as tuned intake stacks. Since the engine weighs in at just 180 pounds, he fulfilled his target of light weight. They chose to take it for a small break in run, and the motorcycle, with no fairing and comparatively vertical bars, knocked out a 207mph blast in the standing mile, while restricting the engine to just 80 percent throttle. I think it works!
With that type of performance right from the beginning, this could get interesting extremely quickly, although there is still plenty of work to do.